Smith Kare

Chief Executive Officer

Hi there, you found me, you can end your search now. I'm primarily .NET wizard πŸͺ„ with expansive wisdom in frameworks like ASP.NET Core, WPF, and Unity, plus a bunch of other things that sound impressive. I've worked on various projects (and even got some of them into production, yay!) spanning full stack applications, backend systems and games. Some of these include Alox Poker, a multiplayer card game, KenyaWatch, which you should visit here (after finishing reading this though), and LiquidSnow, a rapid development framework collection which is perhaps my magnum opus. But, like any developer, my hard drive is a graveyard of unfinished projects.

Aside from C# and XAML (your boy is multilingual), I also speak, Python 🐍, JavaScript 🀑, C++, and Kotlin. I've dipped my toes in Rust 🐐, Assembly (went insane for like a month after), and Dart. And before you ask, yes, I know HTML/CSS, but those are not real languages so I won't count them (C# gloat intensifies).

Apart from development, I am also known to have strong opinions on things I know nothing about, like for example the law (particularly jurisprudence), the socio-economic and political challenges facing the African continent, and UI/UX design. Pray we do not end up in the same figma file, for I will not hesitate to tell you how your design is bad and you should feel bad plus L.

In my leisure time, you will find me playing an unhealthy amount video games (mostly Age of Empires, Cities Skylines and Fortnite), working on a project that is destined to fail on Blender once I get bored, or creating 2D vector graphics on Illustrator. I'm something of an artist myself 😌. I also believe The Expanse πŸš€ > everything else.

That is all. Thank you for reading. Have a day! 😊

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