Gibson Ruitiari


Hi my name is Gibson Ruitiari, I am an Android Engineer, speaker and an Instructor for Android based in Nairobi working on the android team at BizzyBack, Droidcon Academy and Ocluse.

I'm passionate about coding and I love creating robust and exciting projects for mobile and command-line, and this has made my expertise instrumental in the various startups I have been involved with ranging from food delivery service, cab hailing service and laundry service.

I am also keen on sharing my knowledge with others and currently, I am embracing my role as an instructor where I have the privilege of guiding aspiring developers on their own journeys. As testament to my dedication on collaborative learning, I have been recognized in various articles written by other developers wherein the articles have highlighted my contributions to the android developer community.

My curiosity doesn't stop at app development; I'm equally enthusiastic about delving into systems programming and exploring low-level intricacies using rust. I'll probably be toying with whatever piques my interest at the time you are reading this: currently my ongoing project involves a regex parser, which serves as a testament to my thirst for understanding complex systems and algorithms.

Beyond the realm of programming, I'm a true academic at heart. You'll often find me immersed in historical narratives, engrossed in true crime mysteries, and exploring the boundless realms of science fiction and East-Asian, Middle-East and African geo-politics.

Let's craft the future, one pixel at a time.

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