Ban Policy

Ocluse Interactive

*Last Updated: January 20, 2024

Our gaming community is a fun, safe space where people of many ages and different walks of life can come together to play together, share strategies and tips, and just have a good time. We value all our community members, whether they are playing our games or chatting with each other on social media, and we take our responsibility as custodians of that community very seriously. In rare cases, when community standards are violated, we may need to take action to help ensure safety and fairness for all our members.

As stated in our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to terminate, suspend, or block any player account, or access to any of our Services, at any time, for violations of our Code of Conduct (section 7 of the TOS). Bans of player accounts can be temporary or permanent. Any ban can be appealed, according to the rules and instructions in How to Appeal Bans later in this document.

  • In-game bans typically result in the suspension of a player's game account, within the game where the violation occurred. It means the player can no longer access or recover their save game, and could also mean that the player is blocked from creating new save games.
  • Social media bans typically result in a loss of access to Ocluse Interactive accounts and content on the social media platform where the violation occurred. In extreme cases, such bans may be escalated to the social media platform moderation team.
  • Universal bans may be instituted in the case of very serious or repeated violations. This means banning all associated accounts associated with a player across our games and social media accounts..

Soft Bans:

Certain violations of our Code of Conduct may result in what is called a soft ban. It may not mean termination of the account, or otherwise a permanent ban, but it may mean we limit the player’s ability to participate in future events, make them unable to sign onto the games for an extended period of time, or otherwise limit their ability to interact with the community and Services.

Examples of Violations That Could Trigger Soft Bans:

  • Posting something that might be considered offensive, or in poor taste
  • Logging into a stolen/hacked account without knowing that it was stolen/hacked
  • Getting their account hacked by giving the password to the “hacker”

Permanent Bans:

Some violations of the Code of Conduct are serious enough that they warrant a Permanent Ban of the player's account. With a permanent ban, the player's username, account and any other data we have in our servers will be blacklisted, and the player will no longer be able to access them.

Examples of Violations That Could Trigger Permanent Bans:

  • Hacking, manipulating, or otherwise exploiting our Services
  • Pirating the Services, or using the Services to sell unauthorized items/merchandise/games or anything of that matter.
  • Participating in harassment of Ocluse Interactive team members or other players, or otherwise creating a toxic atmosphere for the playerbase.
  • Posting/selling others’ private information

How To Appeal Bans:

If a player’s account has been banned and they feel the ban was in error, they may appeal the ban by writing to us at

When the appeal is submitted, the player must read the Terms of Service, and give us an explanation as to why they believe the ban is unfair. During that process, someone from the team will review it and determine if the user was rightfully banned or if it might have been a mistake.

A player may submit ONE appeal for a ban. Once a decision is reached on that appeal, no further appeals will be considered.

Examples of bans that could be appealed:

  • Our currency checker caught a legitimate account by accident
  • The user was not cheating and reviewing their match shows they did get the time they were banned for
  • Another user in the home/where the IP Address is located was banned
  • They did not commit a serious offense such as hacking, selling accounts, or otherwise harming the game itself.

**Please note that "somebody else was using my account" is not a reason to have a ban lifted". We strongly recommend against sharing your account information with other players -- if you do, you are responsible for the behavior of the other player who is using your account.